Do you paint custom commissioned portraits?

Absolutely! As a fine artist specializing in realist oil paintings, I'm happy to offer custom commission services tailored to your unique vision and preferences. 


Whether you have a specific subject, size, or style in mind, I am dedicated to bringing your ideas to life on canvas with meticulous attention to detail and artistic integrity. 


Commissioning a painting allows us to collaborate closely, ensuring that the final artwork surpasses your expectations and becomes a cherished addition to your collection or a meaningful gift for a loved one. 


Reach out to discuss your ideas. :)




How do we get started?

Step 1: Contact me with your idea! If you need help picking a size, reach out and I can give you some price points.


Step 2: In order to give you a proper estimate, I will need to know how detailed the commission will be. How many portraits do you want to include? Will there be hands in the painting? Is the backdrop elaborate? These are variables that I would like to know prior to generating an agreement.


Step 3: Will I be working from a photo reference or from life? There is a big difference between the two ways of working, and both yeild a drastically different result.


Step 4: Before commissioning me to create a custom work of art, I will generate a written agreement that we will both sign, just so we are both on the same page with all logistics and expectations. 


Step 5: 50% Deposit will be due. The remainder will be due on completion of the project.

Does the work come framed?

Our customized agreement will specify who be responsible for the framing of the artwork. 


Sometimes collectors like to frame their artworks to match their home decor and other artworks. If this is the case for you, we can deduct the cost of framing from the agreed upon price. If you would like to include framing, we will retain the framing price in the work, and you can choose between the two option categories: matte or glossy, white or black.


Framing cost is dependent on size of the artwork. When a commission estimate is generated, I will include the cost of the framing.

What materials do you use?

For the longest time, I used to paint on gesso primed masonite panels, but recently, I've switched to painting on archival Artefex aluminum dibond panels. These panels have great archival quality and anti-warping properties, making them ideal for artists and collectors who want to retain the quality of their work for years to come and intend for their paintings to become heirlooms. 



As for painting medium, I prefer to paint with oil paints.

Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely! To obtain photo references for the commission or complete a live painting session, I would be willing to travel. 


If the painting subject is located more than an hour's drive from my art studio in Red Bank, NJ, I kindly request that clients cover my gas expenses. If the venue is further than a three-hour drive, the client will need to provide a plane ticket and accommodation. Please note that travel expenses are not included in the package price. My studio is situated in Red Bank, NJ.


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Red Bank, New Jersey realist artist and portrait painter, painting with oil paints and drawing with charcoal. Monmouth County Fine Artist, Monmouth Arts, Jersey Shore Artist


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